Blackbaud Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 through October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month (NHHM), and Blackbaud is kicking off its celebration to recognize the history, heritage, and contributions of members of the Hispanic and Latin-American community.

Members of Blackbaud’s HOLA Affinity Group Share their Experiences
Blackbaud’s global team is made up of employees representing unique cultures. We asked several employees to share about their involvement in our HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Learning and Advancement) affinity group, which celebrates and advocates for the inclusion of Hispanic culture at Blackbaud all year round.

Throughout the month, Blackbaud and the HOLA affinity group will encourage employees to engage in various activities, like visiting museums, cultural centers or art expos that support Hispanic and Latin-American culture, exploring Hispanic and Latin-American music history, and participating in virtual volunteering opportunities with Goodera.

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Unidos for a Better World.