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Blackbaud Celebrates the Unique Talents of Female Employees on International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day—an annual observance that celebrates the achievements of women globally and advocates for building a world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive. We are proud to join others from around the world
who believe that our differences should be valued and celebrated, and that equity should be embraced and demonstrated equally.

At Blackbaud, we want to be part of building that world through the culture we create in the workplace and by lifting up the unique talents that women everywhere bring to the tech industry. Today and every day, we recognize the many women fueling impact across the tech landscape, especially right here at Blackbaud.

To celebrate, we asked a handful of women across the company to share the unique qualities they bring to the tech industry.
Here’s what they had to say.

“You set your own
standards and equity. Don’t define yourself by someone else’s journey or definition of success. How you are unique is your superpower and the more you embrace your exclusive identity, the more you dial up the power and value you can bring.

Liz Price, Senior Director, Global Partners

“I bring a different perspective to problem-solving and create a more inclusive environment for all—quiet, extroverted, creative, direct…I hope being a part of the tech industry helps younger women and consider tech as a great profession.”

Bama Ramarathnam, Product Manager Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge NXT®

“As one of very few female leaders within the tech industry, I have a unique responsibility in helping to encourage, inspire and champion women and the highly valuable skills they bring to the table.

Pascale Harvie, Senior Vice President, JustGiving

“I embrace the uniqueness of my voice and experiences to offer a fresh approach to meet challenges, solve problems, and design products grounded in data science.

Carrie Cobb, Chief Data Officer

“My work is rooted in driving a culture of inclusivity, in lifting up great ideas in storytelling about the impact that our work can drive, and in bringing a broader worldview to my and others’ perspectives and approaches.”

Lauren Bernstein, Head of Customer Experience, Corporate Impact

Happy International Women’s Day!