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Blackbaud Champions™ Share Advice and Tips During COVID-19

We asked our Blackbaud Champions™ to share advice and tips on how they’re engaging, inspiring, enlightening and entertaining their supporters and staff alike during COVID-19. Blackbaud Champions is our VIP advocate community who frequently share their knowledge and organization success, provide feedback directly to the Blackbaud teams that make product enhancements and connect with peers across the social good community. Below is a sampling of this community’s tips and advice for staying connected and persevering through COVID-19:

  • “We are using Microsoft Teams to do daily video check in and keep in touch with each other. For community members and the rest of campaign, we are using Zoom to keep in touch in a visual way. Phone calls and emails continue, but we are really trying to leverage technology to enable any kind of face-to-face engagement.” – Lauri Roberson, advancement services analyst, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
  • “We had a fundraiser dinner scheduled for a couple of weekends ago, which had to be moved to an online campaign. Instead of asking for RSVP, we requested attendee’s absence for a non-event…event.” – Jenn Schwamb, communications director & program manager, Asbury Foundation
  • “As a data manger, it’s a good time for me to clean things up and evaluate reporting processes. I want to provide the best data to help us get through this.” – Karen Stuhlfeier, advancement services director, St. Paul Academy and Summit School
  • “We have been doing daily staff meetings using Zoom. It’s a nice way to check in and make sure everyone gets a chance to connect. We are all working from home now and are thankful to have Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® to keep us moving forward.” – Becky Rine, advancement services systems specialist, Fanshawe College
  • “We are using technology to emulate normal life as much as possible. We’re promoting social health.” – KaLeigh Lee, administrative assistant, MHP Foundation
  • “We’re making a lot of phone calls and video conference calls to prospects and staff. We’re trying to do what we can to make up the gap that in-person visits have left behind. We’re also considering experimenting with virtual alumni events.” – Sara Groh, director of relationship development, strategy and analytics, Colgate University 

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