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Blackbaud Donates Laptops to Help Bridge Digital Divide

Blackbaud’s Corporate Social Responsibility team is proud to announce a donation of 300 laptops to two programs that refurbish technology to get it into the hands of those in need.

We’ve partnered with two Microsoft-registered refurbishers, both of which are nonprofits, to make these donations happen. Located in Seattle, WA, InterConnection has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide for more than 20 years by providing technology to those in need around the country, while also diverting millions of pounds of e-waste from landfills. The Kramden Institute, based in Durham, NC, has focused on families and students in need across the state, providing more than 40,000 computers across 83 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

We are committed to recycling technology as a part of  our longstanding focus on  sustainability and corporate citizenship. These donations are a part of an ongoing initiative, which began more than a decade ago. Our IT and Corporate Social Responsibility teams partner to identify when a critical mass of devices will be available and to select recipient organizations. As laptops reach the end of their use at Blackbaud, the IT team prepares them for donation by securely erasing all data. 

“Making a donation like this is so meaningful to our people,” says Melissa Britton, Manager of Philanthropy and Volunteer Engagement at Blackbaud, who led the initiative alongside colleagues from IT. “We rely on technology every day, in our lives and our work, and we understand just how life changing it can be to have the right tools in front of you, to connect and to do our jobs. Knowing we are helping those who don’t have the same access we do is gratifying, and we get the added bonus of knowing we are embracing a more sustainable approach.”

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