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Blackbaud Institute Shares Three Easy Steps to Development Planning

The Blackbaud Institute Has Created a New Guide to Strategic Fundraising, with Collaboration in Mind 

The Blackbaud Institute has launched a free resource, Development Plan Toolkit: Your Three-Step Guide to Strategic Fundraising. This toolkit and three customizable worksheets are the blueprint to setting (and achieving!) ambitious fundraising goals for 2023. Whether you’re securing a major gift, building relationships with new donors, or looking for new strategies to keep your sustainers engaged, this toolkit guides you through the three steps of creating an impactful development plan:  

Step 1: Reflect on successes and opportunities. 

Step 2: Identify specific, realistic goals. 

Step 3: Align those goals to proven strategies. 

Development is more intentional and all-encompassing than just raising dollars; it’s about raising ambassadors who will join your cause and remain loyal for the long haul. Now more than ever, your approach to fundraising should be strategic, collaborative and align your organization around development. In this toolkit, you’ll find tips to: 

  • Gather key metrics and reflect on the previous year 
  • Learn how to set SMART goals and realistic budgets 
  • Assess opportunities for growth 
  • Streamline your engagement strategy 
  • Break down silos and foster collaboration  

Access the free toolkit and worksheets here.