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Celebrating Black History Month in the UK with Inspiring Stories from Employees

The month of October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom (UK) and we are proud to be celebrating this observance this year as a global company!  


  • The first Black History Month UK observance took place in London, England in 1987. 
  • It was established to honor the contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent were making across several areas of UK society including in politics, the military, health services, and more. 
  • Today, Black History Month in the UK is an annual, nationally recognised celebration that continues to bring light to and commemorate milestones in Black history over the years. 

To celebrate, our colleagues in the UK are sharing stories about their unique family ties and how their cultural backgrounds have shaped who they are today. Hear what they shared. 

What does it mean to you to work for a company that is proud to celebrate your culture? 

Deborah: Knowing that Blackbaud wants to celebrate Black History Month in both the UK and the US…it makes me really happy…”  


How have you been able to merge your native Ghanaian heritage with your UK upbringing for the best balance of self? 

Shifra: So it is literally just merging the two and just coexisting.” 


What does it mean to you to work for a company that is proud to celebrate your culture? 

Jordyn: I think it’s cool that we’re able to have these conversations at work…” 


Our company-wide celebrations and observances are an exciting and important step in our journey and commitment to learning and growing as individuals and as a company.  

Happy Black History Month, UK!