Blackbaud Newsroom


Now more than ever, the topic of EQUALITY needs a strong, unified voice and strong, unified action in the United States and around the world. This transcends politics. This is about fundamental human rights and the values that our company, Blackbaud, holds so closely.

Blackbaud’s reason for existence is to help good take over. We are made up of people, from all backgrounds and belief systems, who want to see good, not hate, reign triumphant in the world. We are made up of people who want to strengthen the social economy, not debase its virtue. Racism and acts of hate strip people of basic human rights and defy the very principles of what “good” stands for. We condemn racism and discrimination and seek solutions to end the suffering in our communities and world.

Equality must be more than a motto. It must be a promise to each other and the world. A promise that everyone keeps through our actions, not just our words. And we must agree that when this promise is broken or devalued, it shatters the soul of humankind and threatens our society—and that is not okay.

Racism is intolerable. It should be that simple, but we are too often reminded that it isn’t. We ALL must do better. And as a company, we will stand and do our part.

-A Unified Blackbaud