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If change is the only constant, how can you use it for good?

It may be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a year of change for all of us. As you have encountered firsthand, many social good organizations around the world have faced challenges related to COVID-19 – whether that came through increased demand for services for healthcare organizations and social services organizations, or having to shut their doors as many arts and cultural organizations had to do, or the move to virtual learning for educational institutions and virtual services for faith organizations, or foundation endowments being affected by fluctuations in the stock market.  Additionally, many organizations have been responding to the ongoing movement for racial justice – both externally and internally.

However, through all this change, we’ve seen firsthand through our customers how resilient and creative social good organizations can be. While things may still seem uncertain, social good professionals are hopeful and determined to accomplish their missions.

We’ve been reminded that change is constant and presents challenges that can be difficult to navigate, but success depends on attitude and perseverance. At Blackbaud, we are focused on being your long-term partner that can help you rethink change and turn it into an opportunity to make a greater impact. Our solutions and our people are specifically built to help you handle change and overcome challenges.

As we look at change being the new normal for the foreseeable future, we invite all social good professionals to rethink change and how we can seize the opportunities it presents. How can we rethink strategies that have been “business as usual” to make our organizations stronger and more resilient? How can we leverage technology in new and different ways that help us have an even greater impact?

We invite you to take this journey to rethink change with us. We’ve released new resources to help you reimagine the future which can be found here. We encourage you to download the new sgENGAGE® Working in a Changing World eBook, sign up for the sgENGAGE Rethinking Change webinar series, and to access all the thought-provoking sessions from bbcon 2020 Virtual on-demand through November 18.

We’ll continue to roll out new resources over the coming months focusing on transforming uncertainty and change into opportunity and impact – make sure you are following Blackbaud on social media to learn about them as soon as they are released.

Thank you for the work that you do. Let’s seize this opportunity together to build an even better world than we thought possible.