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New Journal Entry Batch Creator Excel Add-in for Financial Edge NXT

In conjunction with Microsoft, we recently announced the launch of the Journal Entry Batch Creator for Financial Edge NXT in Excel. Continuing a successful integration relationship with Microsoft, this Excel Add-in streamlines the common accounting process of making manual journal entries by allowing them to transfer data from Excel directly into their Blackbaud accounting software. Blackbaud and Microsoft’s APIs allow for a seamless integration of this Journal Entry process to the General Ledger with the Excel Add-In for Financial Edge NXT.

Nicholas Murphy, CFO of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., quickly adopted the time-saving tool, appreciating that Blackbaud has invested in making Excel, an application he acknowledges as a mainstay in his team, better. With the add-in, he can convert the multiple-step process needed to get transactions from Excel into Financial Edge NXT to a simple click of a button without compromising security (authentication is still required) or accuracy (validation is built-in).

Financial Edge NXT is currently the only nonprofit financial management solution that offers the direct transfer of journal entries through Excel with ease. The Add-in auto-populates organization-specific fields and values and includes immediate feedback on any invalid entries directly in the Excel spreadsheet. Once submitted, the journal entry is created in Financial Edge NXT as a batch awaiting approval and posting.

Customers can anticipate additional integration tools with Excel and Financial Edge NXT to continue streamlining their data entry processes in the future.

Visit the Microsoft store online to download Journal Entry Batch Creator for Financial Edge NXT.