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Why Blackbaud is a Great Workplace for Women

On July 24, Blackbaud was named to the Forbes America’s Best Employers for Women 2018 list. Blackbaud was specifically recognized in the IT/Internet software category for excellence in diversity, pay equity, professional development, family support and more. We asked several of the many women who make Blackbaud great why they think Blackbaud is a great workplace. Here is what they had to say:


“Working at Blackbaud is so rewarding because I’m working side-by-side with others that are driven at their core to make the world a better place. With its focus on serving the social good space and wide array of diversity, family support, mentorship and professional growth programs, Blackbaud has been a spectacular place to build my career and know I’m making a real impact to further our customers’ missions every day. The women across Blackbaud are a strong and positive force that helps fuel the impactful work we do to drive more good. The spectrum of opportunities we have to connect, support and build the next generation of female leadership is setting a concrete example that benefits all of Blackbaud and the broader social good community.”

                                               Tiffany Crumpton, Director of Marketing, Blackbaud Higher Education Solutions


“Through our work in the social good community I know that when I come to work each day I am making a difference. Our customers all have unique and challenging missions; working with them to achieve their goals is why I came to work at Blackbaud and why I continue to enjoy being here after 10+ years. We value our employees and those values come through in the way we are promoting and encouraging our female leaders. We are a company that values respect and I have consistently seen that at play in interactions with employees of all genders.”

Page Bullington, Acting President and General Manager, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions

“Working for Blackbaud has given me the opportunity to lead a team of dedicated professionals that deliver quality services with outcomes that impact our customers’ missions, allow them to gain efficiencies and ultimately raise more for their causes that truly makes this world a better place. The women at Blackbaud positively impact the meaningful and rewarding work we contribute daily to social good organizations, and in doing so create a strong sense of teamwork. The qualities exemplified at Blackbaud make it a great place to work, regardless of gender, as we work and collaborate as one team.”

                                             Amy Chase, Vice President of Professional Services


“My favorite Blackbaud value is ‘We Give Back.’ Blackbaud offers opportunities to employees, they encourage volunteering and they give to our communities. The base of everything we do is helping others and I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. Blackbaud allows for growth and opportunity for all employees and they respect that with inclusion comes creativity and productivity. As a woman at Blackbaud, I am confident that my team and leadership value my expertise and skill set.”

Jill Galloway, Principal Program Manager, Software Engineering


“Blackbaud is a company that is so full of heart. We care, every day, about helping others do good in the world, and we also seek to do good ourselves. I tremendously value working for a company that offers great career opportunities that are so full of meaning. Ever since I walked in the door, I have been evaluated—and valued—based on the impact I make. This is incredibly important to me, as is the fact that I have been able to have a fulfilling, challenging career while raising kids and being active in the community. Often, when I mentor people, this is what conversations focus on—how to balance all the parts of life that are important. We are fortunate, at Blackbaud, that this is not just possible, but a true reality.”

                                             Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy


“It is shown that exceptional work cultures for women also produce outstanding workplaces for all employees. Blackbaud’s inclusive culture means every employee is deeply supported in their personal and professional growth, enabling long, productive careers. And by emphasizing the daily engagement and long-term fostering of Blackbaud’s community of women, Blackbaud will experience higher performance and a stronger slate of future leaders.”

Catherine LaCour, Chief Marketing Officer


“I’m privileged to work for a company that sets out every day to help organizations achieve their missions and constantly gives back to the community. My team inspires me each and every day—that’s what I love most, working with passionate individuals that are caring, love what they do and always strive to be the best they can be. It’s the diversity, passion and heart that our female leaders both local and abroad bring to the table that’s most inspiring. Blackbaud empowers us to share our ideas, have a voice at the table and most importantly share our passion for what we do and the sector we serve.”

Lidia Lal, Senior Marketing Manager, Blackbaud Pacific


“I love leading at Blackbaud because it is filled with over 3,400 people who are deeply passionate about empowering the world’s change-agents to do more than they thought was possible. Blackbaud is a great place to work because it encourages big thinking, disruptive innovation and customer centricity. And it’s a great place to grow a career because ALL people are respected and encouraged to ‘go big’ and realize their full potential.”

Amy Lucia, Vice President, Corporate Marketing


“Blackbaud’s commitment to diversity and gender equality is evidenced through its recruiting programs, the ‘Women in Technology’ summits led by female executives, and the career development programs focused on advancing female employees into leadership positions. I have benefited from the guidance and council of several of our amazing women leaders, and am grateful to have such talented and dedicated women to look to.”

Christine Newman, Sr. Manager, Content Strategy


“I love working at Blackbaud because it gives me a sense of purpose. Blackbaud is the only technology company fully committed to creating a scalable ecosystem of good. Being part of a journey that makes the world a better place is inspiring. Blackbaud is a great workplace for women because it not only checks many of the boxes for tangible benefits, such as flexible schedules and 401K plans, but it also offers many intangibles that help women advance their careers: committed executive sponsors, mentors and advancement opportunities.”

Maria Simon, Relationship Manager


“Blackbaud’s higher purpose–Blackbaud believes the world will be a better place when good takes over–is fulfilling and motivating. It gives me purpose, which helps keep me motivated to come into work every day and do my best. Also, Blackbaud is an innovative company that is leading the way in cloud technology for social good—it’s exciting to be a part of a company that is leading versus following. Blackbaud helps foster a positive work environment for women by: making an effort to ensure everyone, regardless of gender, is treated with respect; supporting women affinity groups; supporting families with flex time and more. Blackbaud is driving conversations and initiatives to consider the issues women face in the workplace and is actively working to bring in more diverse leaders.”

Caroline Stallings, Director of Strategic Communications


“We are reinventing our solutions, technology and company and powering good through a new generation who want to make our world better—how cool is it to work for a truly progressive and innovative tech company and to help social good organizations drive impact that will change the world? And have fun doing it? The people I get to work with are some of the brightest, passionate and committed folks I’ve ever known. From the highest levels of the company, Blackbaud is committed to a culture of inclusion. The programs we’ve created to recruit, mentor, develop and connect folks are just getting started. And, we regularly review benefits and compensation data to ensure we are consistent and fair.  I also think we’re doing something really special at Blackbaud by nurturing a strong, connected community of women who lift each other up. I’ve never worked with so many women that have such a deep commitment to each other’s success.
It’s really inspiring and definitely one of the reasons I love working here.”

Mary Beth Westmoreland, Chief Technology Officer