CallHub tools include:

  • Automated and manual dialers to make phone calls.
  • Voice messaging to send pre-recorded audio messages to large groups.
  • Bulk texting to send texts to large groups.
  • Peer to peer texting to have 2-way conversations at scale.
  • Text-based sign-up to collect phone numbers and other data.

These tools work together to help you strike a balance between automation and personal 1-to-1 communication in voice and text messaging outreach.

Say, you want to ask people to contact their members of Congress about a bill. View your Blackbaud groups within CallHub and bring in the people you want to contact.

Your volunteers make calls to them through CallHub, educate them on the issue, and directly connect them to their rep. If the person says they’d like to volunteer, mark it within CallHub to add them to a separate Blackbaud group.

If you have events in multiple locations, ask the contact for their address, access their Blackbaud profile from within CallHub, and add the address while the call is going on.

When your next event comes up, filter the group who agreed to volunteer and invite them over a personal conversation via CalIHub’s peer to peer texting tool. You can RSVP them in CallHub and automatically trigger a follow up email with more details from Blackbaud.

The day of the event, send out a final reminder in the form of  bulk text to everyone who RSVP’d.

The same goes for your donation appeals, get out the vote efforts, and volunteer recruitment. CallHub makes it easier for you to balance automated outreach and personal 1-to-1 communication. And together with Blackbaud, finding your balance gets a lot easier.

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