DonorTek, LLC

We specialize in helping non-profit organizations with all things Blackbaud. Our primary services are Gift receipting solutions, Donor Acknowledgments and Custom Reporting. If you need help with something else Blackbaud, we can probably help with that too!

Our ReceipterPro software takes all of the stress out of generating and delivering donor receipts and our design team will work with your staff to ensure the receipts have the look and feel of your organization. Fast, easy and completely customized to match your organizations look and feel, ReceipterPro v2 is the answer you’ve been Looking for. Say goodbye to the dreaded mail merge forever!
Here are a few of the features available in version 2.0:
Gift Selector Tool
You can receipt all new gifts or only those you select. Generating receipts for 1 or 1000 gifts is simple, easy and fast.
Your Branding
Receipts are designed by our staff to have the Look and feel of your organization. Highly customizable and professional looking, these receipts will boost donor confidence and loyalty. Receipts can be printed or emailed based on the donors preference. Donors can opt-out of e-receipts at any time, in which case all future receipts for them will be printed automatically.
Easy Storage & Retrieval
Receipts are generated in PDF format and stored on your Local pc, network or the cloud for easy retrieval Later on. Re-Receipts are easy too! Fixing a mistake on a receipt is super easy and an updated receipt is only a click away.

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  • ISV
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  • Raiser's Edge
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  • API Integrations,
  • Electronic Workflow,
  • SKY API,
  • System Integrations/Customizations,
  • Tax & Compliance

Contact Information

Shawn Steele; Founder/CEO; 828-581-0225;