PikMyKid is the only comprehensive solution that helps schools engage staff, parents, and the community for efficient
dismissal and create a safer learning environment for students. Hassle Free Pick Up and Drop off Management
Nearly eliminate office calls with the parent app
> save 40 hours of staff time every month, increasing instruction time
> Shrink the school’s carbon footprint by 20,800 lbs. each year
> Roll call or self-check-ins -Schools can track tardies on campus and report to parents with timestamps, so it’s easy
to manage and mitigate the tardies turning into absenteeism
> Continue social distancing during dismissal and drop-offs
> QR codes for Bus boarding and dismissals
>Simple, Fast Car Line Queueing
>Classroom or Group Views
>Audit Trail for Car Line Dismissal
>Easy Car Line Change Management by School Staff
>Walkie-talkies Eliminated
>Car Tag Printing and Management
>After School Program Management
>Walker/Bike Rider Dismissal
,Absentee Tracking
>Free Parent App
>Full Dismissal Schedule Change Management
> Unlimited Parent Messaging
>Parent Check-In Module for Morning Check-Ins
:-Parent Questionnaire Used for Any Daily survey
,Student Absence Reporting via Parent App or School Portal

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Contact Information

Dee Bohne – VP Sales, Dee@pikmykid.com

JJ, Director of Partnerships : JJ@pikymykid.com

Pat Bhava, CEO, Pat@pikmykid.com