Reporting Xpress

Reporting Xpress was founded by experts to fulfill the reporting demands of all users. Reporting Xpress was designed by a team consisting of Certified Public Accountants with extensive experience in the non-profit industry and Developers with comprehensive experience in designing and managing online software applications.

Reporting Xpress offers a cloud based reporting solution for your information consumers. Allow your users to obtain the information they need when they need it.  Our features include:

  • Advanced Security
  • Online Portal
  • Point and Click Access
  • Information on Demand 24/7
  • Print, Export, and Email Reports
  • Reports customized to fit your unique business needs
  • Scheduled report runs

Reporting Xpress presents information in a report format that allows much more control over the output look and feel.. We can work with you to create output that is appealing, engaging, and that makes it easy for people to digest the information you are conveying. We make access to the information incredibly convenient via our web portal, which also works from mobile devices. Because your users will be interacting with report formatted information, there is no risk of them inadvertently changing system data or report settings. We can build cross tabulated reports that combine data from multiple systems including non- Blackbaud products. Our data extraction engine can also be used to populate data warehouses or migrate data to other systems on a scheduled basis or on demand.

Partner Type:
  • ISV
  • Canada,
  • Europe,
  • Global,
  • North America,
  • Pacific
  • Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
Partner Solutions:
  • API Integrations

Contact Information

Joel Weinbach