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Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they're passionate about with proven experience supporting some of the largest workforce programs worldwide. 

With over 1 million volunteers and staff using Rosterfy worldwide, clients on average see a 40% 
reduction in replacing manual processes with automations. This allows workforce management 
teams to focus on more productive outcomes like growing and retaining their workforce database. 

Features include applicant screening, on boarding and training, automated scheduling, workflow automation, custom and templated communications including email and SMS, attendance tracking, dedicated volunteer portals, reward and recognition, dashboard analytics, and more. 

Our clients love that they can manage all facets of their workforce including volunteers, casual and 
full time staff, and contractors via one central solution with segmented administration access. 
With unparalleled flexibility, Rosterfy's allows managers to create their own custom workforce 
journey from beginning to end. This includes the ability to create unique workflows for each 
segment of your workforce, using automations to manage your on boarding processes specific to 
each segment's requirements including background checks, interviews and training. 
Volunteers and staff also love Rosterfy's workforce profiles, which empower users to track their 
events, shifts, communications, training progress, role offers and available rewards all in the one 

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