Blackbaud Guided Fundraising™

Execute a multichannel, person-to-person fundraising campaign using purpose-built tools, automation, and reporting.

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Reach your donors with personalized, highly effective appeals.

Donors expect tailored, thoughtfully coordinated appeals, but this approach requires sophisticated project management and processes. Blackbaud Guided Fundraising helps you choreograph the personalized, multichannel outreach strategy that effectively reaches modern donors.

  • Control and optimize marketing appeals across multiple channels
  • Scale your ability to provide personalized messaging so an individual fundraiser can connect with the same set of donors on any channel
  • Ensure that requests for donations arrive when donors are most willing or able to make a gift

Create and monitor campaigns that deliver more dollars and more donors.

Modern fundraising requires more coordination than before. Blackbaud Guided Fundraising expands your ability to create and manage the sophisticated, person-to-person donor solicitation strategies that deliver results.

  • Create custom play sequences for phone, email, and direct mail to personalize the donor experience
  • Set persona-based talking points for student fundraisers
  • Replace complicated segmentation strategies with algorithm-based indications of donors who are most likely and able to donate
  • Monitor activity and campaign effectiveness at a high level or in detail

Deliver a smooth experience for donors and fundraisers.

Person-to-person fundraisers need tools and support to connect with donors. Donors need a logical, authentic interaction. Blackbaud Guided Fundraising provides the framework and support necessary for fundraisers and donors to have their best experience.

  • Build personal relationships across channel types
  • Avoid cold calling by referencing previous automated communications sent in the fundraiser's name
  • Facilitate donations at the time and through the channel that works best for the donor
  • Provide a simple, streamlined process for the students or volunteers who are making calls, scheduling callbacks, and recording donations

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