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Find the Support You Need with Advanced Wealth Solutions

New donors are out there, ready to give to your organization. But you have to be able to find them – and be strategic about how you engage them.

Get access to the industry’s best, most comprehensive individual wealth and philanthropic insight to drive results and help grow your mission.

With Blackbaud’s prospect research solutions, you’ll:

  • Discover new donors to join your cause
  • Understand donor giving capacity and propensity
  • Work more effectively as you focus your efforts on the most strategic targets

Identify top prospects for each fundraising program.

Through custom modeling, we use supporters’ giving, wealth, and consumer data to design predictive models that help you target your best major, annual, and planned givers. We also recommend target gift ranges to make sure you optimize asks without leaving money on the table.

  • Prioritize top donor prospects using the likelihood and capacity scores from custom modeling
  • Access and use your modeling results in the industry's leading CRM and prospect research software

Understand giving potential, overall capacity to give, and liquidity.

We use data from over 100 fully compliant data sources and advanced proprietary analytics methods to create four key wealth attributes.

  • Annual income: Identify truly high earners using data that accurately predicts income at the household level
  • Net worth: Recognize truly high net worth by combining home value, liquid investment, and other proprietary data
  • Investments: Find the truly financially secure in your database using the largest survey of financial assets to predict investments
  • Discretionary spend: Discover truly big spenders with data based on known buying patterns that accurately predict discretionary spending/household income

Segment potential donors using advanced analytics.

Through cluster segmentation, we group your donors into five distinct donor groups and thirteen sub-segments that help you:

  • Better understand the motivation behind donor groups
  • Tailor messaging to specific donors based on their personas
  • Develop campaigns for each donor segment

Leverage experts with decades of knowledge and experience.

Through our consulting services that are part of key solutions, customers get access to tenured fundraising experts with years of experience helping nonprofits drive productivity across programs. These individuals are commonly tasked with analyzing and communicating modeling results, implementing targeting strategy, performing donor portfolio analysis, and developing long-term fundraising roadmaps; their skills can be applied toward nearly any assignment that requires a practiced strategic resource. You can expect:

  • Dedicated time with strategic consulting resources
  • Identification of industry best practices
  • Tactical, project-level recommendations
  • Strategic targeting and investment recommendations
  • An implementation plan

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