Managed Services

Build the sustainable team you need to accomplish your goals.

High-impact organizations choose Blackbaud’s managed services offerings.
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Keep your organization running smoothly with a proven managed services partner.

There’s no such thing as fundraising or operational downtime. As your organization works diligently to achieve results, things like stretched resources, staff turnover, and ill-equipped IT infrastructure can make your days difficult and even overwhelming at times. Partnering with Blackbaud to help you run your operations can make all the difference.

Blackbaud Managed Services are designed to drive outcomes and real results over a long-range time horizon. Managed services solutions help you get work done. Blackbaud becomes part of your team, giving your staff time to work on mission-critical objectives.

With Blackbaud Managed Services, you can:

  • Work more efficiently, with experienced, dedicated experts augmenting your team

  • Raise more funds with effective campaign management

  • Ensure a smooth experience for your stakeholders, constituents and/or beneficiaries, even during periods of staff turnover or capacity gaps

Database Management

Your mission depends on data. Make sure it’s expertly managed.

  • Data configuration and integration

  • Data import and export

  • Data quality

  • Data overlays

  • Database update monitoring and validation

  • Business systems analysis

  • Business intelligence and reporting

Campaign Management

Engage your supporters and run your campaigns more effectively with our dedicated team.

  • Segmentation

  • Campaign file creation

  • Finder file creation

  • Reporting

  • Production management

Digital Management

Ensure your online presence is working for you at all times.

  • Web management

  • Data integration

Other Staff Augmentation and Services

Keep your organization running smoothly – no matter what circumstances you’re in.

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Staff coverage for turnover, extended leave, growth initiatives

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