EMV-Certified Payment Terminal

Assistance and resources

Payment Terminal brings EMV-certified card readers to Blackbaud Merchant Services’ suite of card-present solutions. Payment Terminal readers provide the additional fraud prevention inherent to meeting EMV specifications, and also add the ability to take in-person payments using chip cards and contactless methods.


  • Protect your constituents and your organization from costly credit card fraud with EMV-certified card readers that offer End-to-end Encryption (E2EE).
  • Accept contactless payments by giving supporters the option to pay with their digital wallets.
  • Process payments more quickly — Payment Terminal transactions complete up to 3x faster than those processed through a magswipe device.
  • Conveniently reconcile Payment Terminal transactions with all other BBMS payments.

Getting started

Blackbaud Payment Terminal is currently available for credit card processing in Blackbaud Altru. Follow these steps to get started!

Step 1

Order your payment terminal from the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal

Step 2

Register your payment terminal through the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal

Step 3

Enable the device in Blackbaud Altru

Step 4

Start accepting payments!