Merchant Services FAQ

Will Blackbaud Merchant Services work with my Blackbaud solutions?

Yes, Blackbaud Merchant Services is ready to use with our award-winning, PCI-compliant nonprofit software solutions such as The Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud NetCommunity, NetSolutions, Luminate Online, Blackbaud CRM, Altru, The Patron Edge, eTapestry, Online Express, and Online Express Bill Pay. Our seamless integration enables you to maximize your Blackbaud investment, so you'll eliminate double entry and gain extensive staff time savings with streamlined bank deposit reconciliations.

Which cards can I accept with Blackbaud Merchant Services?

With Blackbaud Merchant Services, your nonprofit accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and Maestro (where accepted).

Can I accept credit card payments with my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Using Blackbaud MobilePay™, which is integrated with Blackbaud Merchant Services, you can process credit card donations from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device. Blackbaud MobilePay transactions can be made with our card reader or by manually keying in the credit card data. Learn more

Does Blackbaud Merchant Services process debit cards?

Yes, Blackbaud Merchant Services will process debit cards that do not require a PIN.

Do I need a credit card merchant account?

No, you do not need to have individual credit card merchant accounts; Blackbaud Merchant Services handles the relationships with Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and Maestro®.

Do I need to keep my current merchant accounts with Visa/MasterCard and with American Express?

It's not necessary. When you use Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud is your single point of contact for your Blackbaud software, gateway, merchant accounts, and PCI compliance. So, when you have a question, you contact Blackbaud for support.

Can I keep my relationship with my local bank?

Yes. Blackbaud Merchant Services deposits funds into your bank (or banks) of choice.

What is Blackbaud OneRATE™?

Blackbaud OneRATE gives you one simple rate across all transaction and credit card types—including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and even American Express. Maestro is also included where accepted. Blackbaud Merchant Services processes all types of transactions, including real-time, batch, point-of-sale, "card present," and "card not present." The rate is the same, regardless of card type, even for rewards cards, corporate cards, and cash-back cards. With OneRATE, there are no hidden or additional fees. You might be surprised to learn how much you are really paying when you factor in all of the extra fees. A Payment Services Specialist can help with a free analysis.

Can Blackbaud Merchant Services save my valuable staff time?

Yes. In most cases, Blackbaud Merchant Services clients save considerable time during reconciliation of credit card transactions with their bank statements because payments are grouped and disbursed together, eliminating the guess work of which payments/donations correspond to those in a bank deposit. Many nonprofits also eliminate wasteful double-entry, allowing them to spend more time on their organization's mission.

Can I process transactions remotely and at any time?

Yes, you will have unlimited access to a secure, free online portal where you can process payments at offsite events. Also, with Blackbaud MobilePay, you can process donations on your iPhone, iPad or Android device so that you never miss a donation. Transactions are made by swiping the credit card through a Blackbaud MobilePay credit card readers or by entering the credit card information into the application manually.

What type of reporting is available?

You will have unlimited access to a secure, free online portal where you can see your transactions in real time, do reconciliations, and run or export batch, detail, or custom reports. You will be able save time reconciling your bank statements with detailed disbursement reports that show you which transactions were included in each deposit – no more guesswork when reconciling your statements!

Is it safe to use Blackbaud Merchant Services?

Absolutely. Blackbaud has been processing payments for more than 10 years, and we have helped nonprofits process and raise billions of dollars for their causes. Blackbaud Merchant Services provides you with an end-to-end PCI-compliant solution. Our Blackbaud Vault encrypts sensitive information and keeps your donors secure by removing all of the risks associated with storing credit card information. With so much of the PCI compliance handled by Blackbaud, you'll spend more time on your organization's mission.

Can I process recurring gifts with Blackbaud Merchant Services?

Yes, you continue to set them up in your Blackbaud solution, and credit card payments are processed via Blackbaud Merchant Services.

How can Blackbaud Merchant Services help me keep credit card data such as expiration dates current?

Blackbaud Merchant Services includes Credit Card Updater, a service designed to help keep credit card data accurate. Blackbaud partners with Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® to provide a premium credit card update service. When your organization subscribes to this service, credit card data for your sustaining gifts is analyzed each month to identify expired or out-of-date credit card information. Credit Card Updater provides new card numbers and expiration dates when available. Currently this is services is available only to Luminate Online Marketing clients using Blackbaud Merchant Services.

When will I receive my funds from Blackbaud?

Blackbaud disburses funds into your nonprofit organization's designated bank account four times per month. By combining a week's worth of payments/gifts from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Maestro (where accepted) into one deposit, we help streamline your bank reconciliation process. Transaction fees are subtracted, and net funds are deposited in your organization's bank account. Of course, your Blackbaud solution (such as The Raiser's Edge), will display the full amount of the donation or payment.

You can always access your information and see your payments in real time in the Blackbaud Merchant Services online portal.

What currencies does Blackbaud Merchant Services process?

With Blackbaud Merchant Services, you can accept online payments or donations from anywhere around the world when your supporters use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, or Maestro, and they will see the charge in their local currency.

You select the currency you in which you would like the funds disbursed. Currently Blackbaud Merchant Services disburses in U.S. dollars (USD), Canadian dollars (CAD), British pounds (GBP), and Euros. Blackbaud Merchant Services will continue to add support for additional currencies, so please contact us if you process payments in other currencies.

For additional questions about Blackbaud Merchant Services, chat with support or email Payment Services Support.
UK clients, please visit the Blackbaud UK website

What fraud-prevention features are available in Blackbaud Merchant Services?

All Blackbaud Merchant Services clients benefit from standard fraud prevention. For organizations that require additional fraud prevention for their credit card processing, Blackbaud Merchant Services offers a premium Fraud Management service that provides comprehensive screening to help detect payment card fraud for a nominal per transaction charge. Download the datasheet here.

Is there an extra charge for Blackbaud MobilePay?

No. Blackbaud MobilePay is a free service for accepting and processing credit card donations on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Once you register for Blackbaud MobilePay, you’ll be provided with up to two card readers at no charge* (additional card readers are available upon request). Blackbaud MobilePay uses Blackbaud Merchant Services for credit card processing, disbursement and reconciliation. With OneRATE, you pay one low rate on every transaction and there are no hidden fees or mobile processing charges.

 * Up to two credit card readers are free to Blackbaud clients.  

What markets is Blackbaud MobilePay currently available in?

MobilePay is currently available in the US and Canada.

Is Blackbaud MobilePay integrated with Blackbaud CRM solutions?

Blackbaud MobilePay is integrated with Blackbaud Merchant Services, but it is not yet integrated with our CRM solutions. However, you can still synchronize your systems by easily exporting transactions from the Blackbaud Merchant Services web portal and importing them in to your other Blackbaud applications. In addition, we are expanding Blackbaud MobilePay integration with many of our other Blackbaud products in the coming months.

Does Blackbaud MobilePay provide the end-consumer a receipt/confirmation?

Yes. Once the transaction is processed via MobilePay, the consumer can optionally receive an automatically-generated emailed receipt/confirmation. The emailed receipt/confirmation is delivered to the consumer-provided email address. The Blackbaud MobilePay system-generated email receipt/confirmation currently supports HTML format.  PDF confirmation/receipts are not currently supported, but may be available in future versions.  In addition, Blackbaud Merchant Services retains a master copy of all MobilePay transactions. Blackbaud Merchant Services and the Blackbaud MobilePay app also enable organizations to resend the receipt/confirmation.  Please consult your tax advisor on your donation tax receipt requirements. 

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