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Kairos Moves Faster with Blackbaud University Training


Kairos provides intensive mental health services to youth, young adults, and families throughout Oregon. After implementing Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, Kairos leveraged training offered through Blackbaud University. Through the succinct and easy-to-follow curriculum, the training revealed inefficiencies in process and opportunities to streamline tasks, freeing up the Kairos team to spend more time on their mission.

Kairos Development Director Mary Lynne DeRocher had worked regularly in Raiser’s Edge® for some time. A loyal fan of the fundraising solution, she remembers the long, content-heavy training she first received when Kairos implemented Raiser’s Edge two years ago. She also remembers that the training did not mirror the effectiveness of Raiser’s Edge at all. In fact, she recalls a lot of self-teaching during that time.

So when the board announced an upgrade to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® recently, Mary Lynne wondered if there was a new training process, what it would be like, and whether she would benefit. To her excitement, she found an abundance of training options offered through Blackbaud University that were designed with an updated learning structure. These updated training options were offered through Blackbaud University—a comprehensive portfolio of instructor-led live and virtual training, on-demand content, and certification opportunities.

Up and Running in No Time with Concise Training

The Kairos team recognized the advantage of Blackbaud University’s succinct, concentrated curriculum. They were able to easily digest the information and get right back to their jobs, immediately implementing new skills learned. Not only that, but they saw opportunities to revise processes and refine systems in their office as a result. In Blackbaud University’s updated structure, Mary Lynne found that “instructors were totally
professional, concise, and topic-oriented…and it’s really appreciated.”

Another major bonus for staff at the organization? Blackbaud University’s targeted virtual classes being offered at different periods during the day. Now, time zones aren’t an impeding factor in scheduling, and staff can conveniently slot training into their calendars.

Maximizing Training Opportunities to Improve Culture and Careers

As professionals who work in a clinical field, Mary Lynne and Kairos Finance Director Angela Warling don’t just receive recognition when they are certified in special programs or practices—they get compensated financially. So attending Blackbaud University’s built-in certification track was a no-brainer for both women—each signed up right away. Upon completion, Mary Lynne and Angela have official validation of their advanced skills in Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, setting them apart from others in the field and making them eligible for pay raises.

Mary Lynne and Angela knew it was important to attend the full spectrum of Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT training that came with the Blackbaud University Learn Everything subscription. That way, both directors could advise staff on which courses were most important to take for respective roles. At the same time, it enabled them to take a peek into processes that weren’t a part of their personal day-to-day activities.

This revealed inefficiencies in process and opportunities to streamline tasks, ultimately improving work culture for the staff at Kairos. “Any time I can locate, retrieve, or search data that I need faster, it’s a huge advantage,” says Mary Lynne. “Our team is absolutely more efficient thanks to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and the training we received.”

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