Miss Porter's School

Easier for Familes to Stay on Track During the Admissions Process

Miss Porter’s School, a boarding and day school for girls grades 9 through 12 in Farmington, Connecticut, understands the importance of a positive experience for families going through the admissions process. Liz Schmitt, the school’s chief enrollment and student affairs officer, explains the value of providing the personalized experience families expect with Blackbaud Enrollment Management System™.

“The access to a checklist of application materials provides families with a much needed sense of clarity, control, and confidence in the admission process,” Liz explains. “By logging in, families gain precise information regarding application requirements, the status of those items, and the application timeline. The real-time nature of the checklist has also cut down on the number of phone calls and emails devoted solely to checking the status of a physical file in the midst of a very busy season.”

Engaging with Prospective Families

Liz says, “It has been interesting to track the number of times a family logs into the Blackbaud Enrollment Management System. While we have not analyzed the data in great depth, there is certainly a correlation between the number of times a family logs in and their investment in attending our school. As a result, it has been critical for us to create an experience in the system that is representative of the kind of experience these families expect from us when on campus.”


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