Variety - The Children's Charity

Since 1975, Variety - the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT has been committed to helping children who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs to have an improved quality of life.

But over the past few years, the landscape in which Variety operates has changed significantly, particularly with the introduction of the NDIS.

At the same time, the nonprofit sector more generally has undergone significant change, particularly regarding the expectation on charities to measure and report their social impacts.

“Gone are the days when a corporate organisation or major donor would hand over a significant amount of money and say ‘go do good with this’”, says CEO David Sexton.

“Before it’s even at that point, now there are questions asked right upfront including, where is this money going to be used? What’s the impact going to be? How are you going to measure that impact? How are you going to report that back to us?”

Finding Solutions For The Future

Variety’s primary focus is supporting the thousands of children and their families who come to them with a diverse range of needs. Last year alone, children with over 200 different conditions received support through the organisation.

The charity provides support through grants, empowering and educational programs, scholarships and inclusive experiences, all aimed at bringing joy to children facing difficult circumstances.

The level of complexity involved in the day-to-day operations at Variety coupled with a desire to provide more in-depth feedback to their donors means the organisation must continue to change and evolve to ensure it has a significant role in helping to care for children in the future.


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