Blackbaud Impact Awards

We’re celebrating the incredible achievements of our customers across the globe.

Important Dates

May 29–July 12

Nomination submission period

August 14

Finalists notified

September 24–26

Winners announced at bbcon!

Let’s highlight your world-changing work!

The Blackbaud Impact Awards put the spotlight on our customers’ amazing achievements and mission impact. We’re honoring not just the powerful outcomes you deliver, but the behind-the-scenes excellence that makes it all happen. In other words, we’re celebrating YOU!

  • Be recognized and celebrated amongst your peers in the social impact sector.

  • Winning organizations will be recognized on-stage and in an exclusive reception at bbcon 2024 in Seattle, WA. To help get you there, winners will receive a complimentary all-access bbcon pass.

  • Inspire others! When you share your story, you help set a new standard for how organizations can leverage technology to drive change.

  • No matter what the result, you can use your success story to foster appreciation, excitement, and confidence for what lies ahead.

Award Categories

We’re here to honor not just what you accomplish, but how you do it!

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The Silo Buster Award

Silos never stood a chance at your org.

Your organization has broken down walls and opened new pathways for cross-functional collaboration—and you’ve seen amazing results, like increased productivity and better organizational outcomes. This award recognizes organizations using Blackbaud technology to create fully connected teams that are more aligned than ever!  

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The Changemaker Award

You don’t just respond to change; you use tech to embrace it.

Your organization is agile, and you have the impact to prove it! This award recognizes organizations that have embraced new tech capabilities to overcome challenges and deliver results. Tell us how you drove adoption of something new, tested a different approach, or applied a new capability to power up your cause or mission.

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The Fueling Greatness Award

You’ve turned audacious goals into inspiring results.

Your organization has achieved soaring results that unlocked new possibilities. This award puts a spotlight on organizations that have reached or surpassed ambitious goals, whether in their business operations or the delivery of their missions. We want to celebrate organizations that have leveraged Blackbaud technology to truly amplify their impact.

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The Data Strategist Award

Data is your not-so-secret weapon.

Data is your most valuable asset, and your organization has successfully used it to extract actionable insights that drive strategy. This award recognizes data-fluent organizations that can demonstrate how data-informed decisions have given them a greater edge, or how they discovered new pathways to overcome an obstacle through analytics, reporting, and communication.

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The Futurist Award

Thinking inside the box? No way! You’re a master of tech flexibility.

The status quo has never been a part of your organizational DNA. Your organization leverages automation and integration to extend your Blackbaud solutions, whether low-code, no-code, or pro-code. This award is for organizations who can share their story of technological exploration and creativity within Blackbaud’s flexible ecosystem.

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The Outstanding Leadership Award

A leader who empowers teams and pushes boundaries.

Leaders set a vision and steer the organization on a path toward that vision. They are purpose-driven, and they know how to make difficult decisions to course-correct and energize their teams to sustain a unified passion for their cause. This award honors an executive-level leader who is empowering their teams and driving organizational success.

How to Nominate Your Organization or Leader

Review the requirements

Check out the eligibility details and submission requirements.

Select an Award Category

Choose the category that aligns best with your organization’s achievements.

Submit nomination form by July 12

Submissions are now closed!

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We are no longer accepting nominations for the 2024 Blackbaud Impact Awards as the submission deadline has passed!