Six Crisis Communication Tips for Church Leaders

Are you ready for what may happen in your church?

Make sure you are prepared for crisis before it arrives.

Crisis is a topic none of us like to talk about. We don’t like it when things go wrong, but if we are honest with ourselves, bad things happen all the time in today’s age. Your church most likely has an emergency manual somewhere stashed in a cabinet somewhere, but do you even know what’s in it? You need to have a plan in place for response both internally and externally if crisis occurs. As a leader in your church, it is your duty to address this situation and make sure there is a clear and communicated plan in case of crisis. Fortunately, you have the platform to prepare your staff and congregation for this possibility.

  • What are specific types of crises?
  • What is your first step?
  • Who should be on your team?
  • What does your team need to do to prepare?

You need to equip your team with the necessary information and training in order to best prepare them for the case of crisis. They need to know the audience, mission, plan and involve the congregation in this once it is set.

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