10 Ways Grantmakers Can Avoid Mission Creep During a Crisis

What to Do Before, During, and After a Crisis

Whether it’s a severe weather event that affects your city or a global pandemic that affects the entire world, today’s grantmaking organization must be ready for the next crisis. But how do you make sure you are supporting your communities while also staying true to your organization’s core values?

In our conversation with two veteran grantmakers—Beth Broomall of the Charles H. Dater Foundation and Lisa Tacker from the Two Ten Footwear Foundation—they shared what they’ve learned from managing a variety of crises and how they’ve prepared their organization to weather whatever comes next, including:

  • How to get clear on who you serve and why you serve them

  • How not to panic, and what to do instead

  • How to build—and lean on—your community partnerships

Download this tip sheet today to learn best practices for staying true to your mission before, during, and after a crisis.