Take Control of Your Impact Story with Your 990-PF

3 False Narratives Others Might Tell and How to Avoid Them

Open data provides a number of great opportunities for transparency, but it might also lead others to draw inaccurate conclusions about your private foundation. Own your 990-PF story by being complete, accurate, and detailed with your descriptions, and get ahead of any information that can be taken out of context.

In this tip sheet, learn how to avoid three of the false narratives we see reporters, researchers, and other organizations tell because they don’t have the right context about a grantmaker’s data, including:

  • How to get in front of misconceptions around executive salaries and high real estate costs with a reader’s guide to your 990-PF

  • What you need to do to make sure your endowment’s investment strategy aligns with your foundation’s mission

  • The information that should be on your 990-PF to make sure you get credit for the work you do

Want to learn more about owning your impact story through your 990-PF? Watch the webinar, What Story Does Your Form 990-PF Tell About Your Foundation? featuring Janet Camarena, the Senior Director of Learning Experience at Candid, Cesar Del Valle, Director of Partnerships at Candid, and Chris Peterson from PKF O’Connor Davies.