The Major Shifts in Technology for the Nonprofit Finance Office

Infographic: What Technological Era Is Your Nonprofit Finance Office In?

The modern nonprofit finance office has come a long way from handwritten ledger books, but your organization must stay on top of technological trends so you can continue to move forward. Check out this infographic to see the events and mindset shifts that helped fund accounting evolve, including:

  • How the shift from DOS to Windows caused the finance team to think about managing information differently

  • How for-profit regulation during the 2000s and the late 2010s helped nonprofits to be more transparent

  • How today’s consistent stream of technological innovation enabled nonprofits to be more flexible in the face of pandemics and a persistent cycle of change

Want to learn more about the trends that have shaped the operational and strategic requirements of the finance function and CFO role? Join us for our webinar, The Times They Are A-Changin: Is Your Finance Office, Too? to hear as a panel of nonprofit finance experts trace changes big and small in nonprofit finance over the past 30-plus years.