Blackbaud Merchant and Payment Services

Welcome to Your Sustainer Migration Guide

Move Your Payflow Pro Sustainer Payment Data

Blackbaud has a secure, proven process to move Payflow Pro credit card data for your sustaining donors stored in Blackbaud Luminate Online® to Blackbaud Merchant Services™. This service is in addition to those offered for other gateways/processors and Blackbaud solutions. As a Blackbaud Merchant Services customer, your organization will benefit from:

  • Credit Card Updater to help keep payment data current
  • Premium Fraud Management
  • A single-vendor solution (software and payment processing, including Blackbaud MobilePay™, with the same processor across all Blackbaud software)
  • Time savings on credit card reconciliation
  • Simplified PCI compliance

Blackbaud’s Sustainer Migration service is available to current Blackbaud Luminate Online users processing credit cards using a Payflow Pro gateway. We also offer sustainer migration services for other payment providers in Luminate Online as well as Blackbaud eTapestry®, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®, and Raiser’s Edge®.

This page provides an overview of the Sustainer Migration service. Clients are engaged in Phase 1 in which a kick-off meeting is held and the organization begins processing new credit card gifts via Blackbaud Merchant Services. The Blackbaud Services team handles Phases 2-4 with minimal client involvement. These phases include receiving and vaulting the credit card data, updating the card data using Credit Card Updater, then loading the refreshed data in the form of secure tokens into Luminate Online to begin processing with Blackbaud Merchant Services.

Move processing to Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS)

Obtain credit card data from PayflowPro

Update data using Credit Card Updater

Process sustaining gifts with BBMS

Phase 1: Move processing to Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS)

  • Attend project kick-off meeting
  • Set up BBMS account(s)
  • Link BBMS account(s) to Luminate Online
  • Process new sustaining gifts with BBMS
  • Export request file for Payflow Pro

Phase 1 typically spans weeks 1-4 of the total Sustainer Migration project.

Phase 2: Obtain credit card data from Payflow Pro

  • Receive credit card data from Payflow Pro on secure, PCI-compliant server
  • Securely store credit card data in Blackbaud’s PCI-compliant vault

Phase 2 takes approximately 12 weeks, depending on how soon files are received from Payflow Pro.

Phase 3:  Update data using Credit Card Updater

  • Run credit card data through Credit Card Updater to update expired and reissued cards
  • Tokenize credit card data to load into Luminate Online

Phase 3 typically takes 2-4 weeks as Credit Card Updater runs once per month.

Phase 4: Process sustaining gifts with BBMS

  • Load and migrate new BBMS credit card tokens into Luminate Online
  • Process existing sustaining gifts with BBMS

Phase 4 normally spans 8 weeks to allow sufficient time for monitoring.

You should plan on a time commitment of several hours during Phase 1 and time for one to two brief conference calls during each of the remaining phases. Phase 1 is typically completed within the first month after kickoff. The entire Sustainer Migration service normally takes six months from kickoff to completion. The project time may vary depending on each client’s payment processing configuration in Luminate Online.

Your Blackbaud representative is available to answer additional questions about the service.