Financial Planning & Analytics Software for Nonprofits

Make informed strategic decisions with the powerful budgeting management, reporting analytics, and financial analysis tools available in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® cloud accounting software.

Financial Planning and Analysis Software Features and Benefits​

Improve your financial planning process with best-in-class budgeting.

Budget management in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT gives you the ability to define unique business rules, review actual vs. budget performance with built-in budget checking, and use customizable fiscal periods during the planning process.

By being able to budget years in the future, your organization can effectively prioritize expenditures, assess its funding needs, and make comparisons across fiscal years.

  • Manage budgets by department, grant, program, or project

  • Create and compare an unlimited number of budget scenarios down to the project level

  • Control budget spending with business rules and automatic notifications ​

Inspire confidence through fast, flexible reporting. ​

Gain a complete picture of your organization’s finances with powerful reporting and analytics. Configurable dashboards, in-depth records, and custom reports allow you to quickly review critical information and drill down for a more detailed look at the transactions that drive results.

Best of all, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT makes it simple to share accurate, up-to-date numbers with internal decision makers and external stakeholders, improving communication across your organization.

  • Create advanced reports by funding source against multiple fiscal periods or budget scenarios

  • Automate the roll-up of financial data, letting your staff efficiently consolidate and report on financial information across multiple locations

  • Visually set up and edit your Chart of Accounts with our Chart Organizer with ease

  • Use an unlimited number of tracking characteristics to capture and report on project and grant activity outside your account string

Bring your finances into clear view with SKY Reporting® and dashboards.

Designed to compile data insight across multiple Blackbaud solutions, SKY Reporting is the future of integrated business intelligence for nonprofits. Provide your finance team with timely, actionable data to make the most of existing resources and identify opportunities to expand your mission. Use interactive transactional reports, personalized dashboards, and advanced analytical tools to generate board-ready reports in an instant, schedule email report updates, or drill into report details to analyze key metrics. You’ll get features like:

  • Advanced filtering by virtually any data element, making it the fastest and most flexible reporting tool for managing dynamic funding requirements

  • Configurable, at-a-glance dashboards that allow you to create and save personal views, filter by a variety of fields, and drill down into source data for a closer look at the transactions driving results

  • Accurate and timely reports that inform your board and management of operational decisions

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