Marketing & Constituent Relationship Management Software for Nonprofits

Blackbaud Luminate CRM™ provides extensible fundraising and relationship management on the Salesforce® platform.

Comprehensive Constituent Relationship Management & Engagement with Blackbaud Luminate CRM Software

Track and securely manage all your supporter data in one place with an open, customizable cloud based solution you can access anywhere, anytime. Much more than a donor database, Blackbaud Luminate CRM provides a complete view of constituent relationships and powerful analytics capabilities to support direct response and business intelligence.

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Get a complete view of constituent relationship management and analytics.

Blackbaud Luminate CRM helps you engage constituents and deepen loyalty by giving you a more complete understanding of your supporters and an organization-wide set of tools for managing every relationship.

  • Effectively manage all supporters—not just donors—and assign constituents one or many classification types (e.g., volunteer, major donor, board member, etc.) for segmentation and reporting, and then easily search a subset or the entire database using partial text and wildcard characters
  • Link two or more constituents together as a household to share mailing addresses and compile household donation summaries, and store seasonal or alternate addresses and track all address changes for data rollbacks or de-duplication
  • Better identify supporters with a higher capacity to give and engage them appropriately for them to achieve their philanthropic goals

Track nonprofit marketing results through reporting and dashboards with complete customization.

Get the full picture of constituent interaction, with predefined reports, an ad hoc report builder, and intuitive dashboards. With client-tested usability, your team can easily customize Blackbaud Luminate CRM with “clicks”—no coding is required to create custom fields, improve page layouts, or apply workflow rules and notifications to meet your needs.

  • Rest assured knowing your nonprofit marketing data is secure behind bank-grade security, with automatic backups and available field-level auditing for advanced tracking
  • Build key performance indicator dashboards for staff homepages or delivery to appropriate stakeholders on a scheduled basis
  • Use custom formulas to calculate results based on returned values in each report, then organize reports into logical folders—or “tag” a report with keywords to help retrieve for future needs
  • Create custom fields for virtually any object in the constituent relationship management database

Maximize campaigns with direct and multichannel marketing.

Structure, segment, and analyze your multipart campaigns in-house for direct mail or other marketing efforts with Blackbaud Luminate CRM.

  • Streamline all marketing efforts through integration with Blackbaud Luminate Online®, the most successful and effective online fundraising solution for nonprofits
  • Manage hierarchical nonprofit marketing campaigns and appeals within a parent-child data structure, and group campaigns together to compile aggregate results, cost analysis, and other valuable performance statistics
  • Track performance in real time with up-to-the-minute results for common metrics, such as total donation count, total dollar amount, average gift, response rate, and cost per response
  • Quickly build query lists and directly target constituents who match your desired criteria or parameters
  • Evaluate your efforts with a purpose by organizing campaigns into sortable lists to quickly review campaigns or compare results

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