Nonprofit Resource Managementâ„¢

Purpose-built resource management for nonprofits

Jointly developed by Blackbaud and Microsoft, Nonprofit Resource Management is a purpose-built resource management solution suite truly optimized for the complex and differentiated needs of nonprofits.


A Rising Need in an Unprecedented Era

In an unprecedented era of humanitarian need, it’s becoming more expensive and complex for nonprofits to respond due to global conflicts, natural disasters, and localized challenges. For many nonprofits, the ability to effectively source, track, distribute, and measure the impact of physical goods is a critical part of delivering your mission.

Whether it’s urgently needed medical supplies, disaster response equipment, or essential needs like food and clothing, every dollar saved and every supply more efficiently distributed has the power to transform and save lives.

To address this need, Blackbaud and Microsoft teamed up to design, build, and deliver Nonprofit Resource Management, a purpose-built resource management suite optimized for the complex and differentiated needs of nonprofits.

Resource Management Designed for Nonprofits

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, homegrown solutions, or antiquated tools that waste your time and resources, leave you vulnerable to fraud, and underutilize human and physical capital.

Nonprofit Resource Management will help you effectively source, track, distribute, and measure the impact of your resources across core business processes—from managing the distribution of material goods to financial and human capital distribution.

Nonprofit Resource Management:

  • Combines the power of Blackbaud’s industry-leading expertise with unmatched cloud capabilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and leveraging the Common Data Model for Nonprofits and Blackbaud’s Intelligence for Good™— all backed by Microsoft Azure
  • Integrates with Blackbaud’s flagship fundraising and other nonprofit solutions, providing a connected experience across the mission lifecycle

Powerful Goods Distribution Capabilities

Within Nonprofit Resource Management, core inventory management offered as part of Dynamics 365 is customized with pre-configured nonprofit best practices and workflows that enable Goods Distribution.

Goods Distribution includes:

  • An agency portal to allow beneficiary organizations in areas of need to request material goods
  • Inventory management features, inclusive of expiration dates and distribution rules to allow organizations to identify which materials can/should be allocated and when
  • Distribution workflows to automate the handling of goods
  • Valuation capabilities to account for goods in an auditable, generally accepted practice
  • Outcomes measurement to allow for the tracking of impact at point of distribution
  • Integration with Blackbaud’s fundraising and relationship management solutions for a connected experience with end-to-end line of sight from donation, to goods distribution, to impact on beneficiaries

Improve Outcomes and Increase Impact

With Nonprofit Resource Management you can expect to:

  • Work more efficiently with integration and automated workflows
  • Understand and communicate your end-to-end impact by connecting your entire ecosystem
  • Increase transparency, accountability, and ROI for distributed goods with an end-to-end line of sight from the sourcing of to the ultimate distribution of goods
  • Drive alignment and communication between areas of need and distribution through Improved connectivity of work teams and field locations
  • Enable better beneficiary outcomes with the ability to respond rapidly in times of urgency or disaster through automating the analysis, alignment, and assignment of urgent needs
NetHope, with its 57 nonprofit member organizations and The Center for the Digital Nonprofit, is committed to helping its members—in partnership with tech companies—do good better. The Nonprofit Resource Management™ suite and the Common Data Model for Nonprofits are two exciting initiatives that are addressing how organizations digitally transform to deliver far greater impact. This offers promise for the global nonprofit sector and more importantly, the world."

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