Purpose-Built Cloud Solutions for the Purpose-Driven

Purpose-built cloud tools for purpose-driven organizations.

Digital transformation in the social good community requires cloud solutions created for this community. Blackbaud’s cloud solutions are:

Purpose-built for Social Good

Whether you are a nonprofit, arts and cultural organization, faith community, foundation, healthcare organization, higher education institution, K-12 school, or company, our software solutions have been designed for your workflows, needs, and challenges.

Modern and Flexible

Our solutions benefit from modern architecture that scales to grow with customers’ needs, drives ease-of-use, and provides the flexibility to expand and extend.

Effective and Reliable

Our valued customers can focus on their mission – not their tech stack – with dependable, secure and effective solutions.

Driving Innovation

As the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good, Blackbaud is continually enhancing our capabilities. We’re creating solutions that enable you to bring your whole organization together and increase your outcomes. And we can do it faster and with higher performance than ever before because of Blackbaud SKY, our cloud platform for social good innovation.

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Drives rapid innovation, performance capabilities and ease-of-use

SKY Services are the basic “building blocks” that come together as purpose-built capabilities in our solutions. By creating our solutions with these core building blocks, we can innovate more quickly, drive performance, and offer a more consistent user experience across our solutions.

Delivers unmatched insight at your fingertips.

SKY Intelligence brings together a data platform, data services, and reporting capabilities to build and integrate analytics that transform information into insight for our customers.

Empowers you to customize, integrate and extend Blackbaud solutions.

SKY Developer is the toolset to extend, customize and contribute to the capabilities available on Blackbaud SKY. SKY API ® enables customers and developers to extend Blackbaud solutions with open, industry-standard REST APIs. Developers can create a seamless user experience through SKY UX®, with an open-source, full component library that is clean, modern and consistent.

Ensures your solutions are secure, reliable and effective

We manage your Blackbaud cloud solution end-to-end, with world-class security, privacy, and risk management and performance. Your data is secure with proactive security infrastructure services and modern internet data transfer, and you can count on reliability with industry-leading uptime.