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Welcome to Cloud Hosting

Looking to access your Blackbaud solution in the Cloud? You’ve come to the right place! From your first steps in hosting to common tasks for users, refer to this page to help you navigate your Blackbaud Cloud Hosting space. You can use the navigation above to choose where to begin, but if your organization is new to our cloud hosting services, we recommend you start with New to Hosting.

New to Hosting Set Up

These steps will get your organization established in hosting.

Step 1 - Hosting password

Log into with your username and password, then go to the Reset Hosting Password webpage.

NOTE: In order to complete this process, you must be a site administrator. If you are unsure of who is your organization's site administrator, you can view the information in the View Users section of your account. If you would like to become a site administrator, complete the steps and the authorization form listed on the KB article: 43910.

Similar to the example below (for site ID 9999), for each default user(s) created for you, select Reset Password.


Blackbaud Hosting site reset pass

Select Reset Password and enter a new, temporary password. Permanent passwords are created later.

Step 2 - Install Citrix

To securely access your application, download and install Citrix.

Step 3 - Browser setup

After you install Citrix, you need to configure your preferred Internet Browser to use the Citrix plugin. To learn how to configure your preferred Internet browser to work with Citrix, review KB Article: 72419.

Step 4 - Log in

You are now ready to log into your hosted environment. Select the URL associated with your data center (found in your welcome email). You are directed to the Log in page.

In the Address field of the web browser, enter the URL associated with your data center and press ENTER. You will be directed to the Log in page. 

Use the credentials, including the newly reset passwords, from step 1.

After you log on, select the program's icon to access your hosted software. For quality assurance purposes during implementation, the Supervisor password was reset. Your Supervisor credentials will be sent to you.

Step 5 - Add hosting users

Add your colleagues as users to Hosting. To learn how, watch the How to Add a User video. Next, review the most common Administrator Tasks.

Step 6 - Add users

After you add new users to the Blackbaud Hosting Services account, you need to create users inside your hosted application. To learn how, select the KB article for your product.

Raiser's Edge KB Article: 39142
Financial Edge | Education Edge KB Article: 39143

Administrator Tasks in Hosting

Review the most common Administrator tasks in Hosting.

Hosting Overview and Details –

The Hosting Overview document provides the big picture about your hosting evironment.

How to Add a User –

Learn how to create new users for your hosted environment.

How to Reset Passwords –

It happens.  We've all forgotten our password.  Here's what to do when you get that request as an admin. 

Did you know passwords expire every 90 days? To protect you and for PCI compliance, we set security standards that prompt you to change your password every 90 days. Need help remembering when to reset your hosting password? Add a calendar reminder that remembers for you! 

Unlock User Accounts –

When a user forgets his or her password and attempts to log in more than 5 times, his or her account is locked as a security measure.  You have two easy options to unlock the account. Based on your administrative access and preference, choose:

Set Up Windows Authentication –

Want to make it easier for your users to login so they only have to remember one set of credentials? Enable your team to use one username and password to login to both the Hosting Environment and their Blackbaud application. 

Next, let's learn about the common tasks users perform in Hosting, such as how to move files and set up printers.

Common Tasks for Users in Hosting

Use these resources to help your users learn how to perform the most common tasks in Hosting.

Access your Hosted Application –

To securely access your application, download Citrix.

After you install Citrix, use the hosting link provided by your administrator.

Timeout Settings –

In the cloud, timing is everything. Learn about the additional timeout security settings.

Moving Files –

Learn how to retrieve reports and exports, and upload files to your hosted environment. 

Set Up Disk Mapping – Learn the optional, quicker, and preferred way to move files. If you are unable to set up disk mapping, contact your IT team. The way the security is set up on your machine, may require different instructions than in the video.

How to Use the Files Folder to Move Files  – Learn how all users can move files between their computer and the Hosting application. Each user has up to 100mb of total space. Files Folder must be used for storing all Custom Reports and/or Aatrix items.

(Optional) If you are unable to set up disk mapping, or for the ability to move multiple files at once, we recommend the following 3rd party programs for your datacenters: 

How to Print –

To print directly from your hosted application, learn how to set up your printer.

How to Use Outlook in Hosting –

Learn how to use Outlook integration with your hosted application.

Quick Start Guides –

To help your users and admins learn about Hosting Services, provide them with this short tutorial.