Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation partners with Blackbaud for more strategic, successful fundraising.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation relies on private philanthropy to deliver world-class pediatric care in a comfortable setting. The team’s partnership with Blackbaud helps to drive the fundraising success that makes it all possible.

Philanthropy makes UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh a special place where excellence in patient care, teaching, advocacy, and research intersect. Because of private gifts, the hospital can provide world-class care to families who lack insurance or cannot afford treatment. Philanthropy also powers research, therapeutic play, and thoughtful touches—colorful, themed rooms and tactile objects, such as glitter wands and bubbles—that distract young patients from stressful procedures.

As the sole fundraising arm for the hospital, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation relies on strategic planning to achieve its goals. “Part of our mission here at UPMC Children’s Hospital is to provide care for all children needing our services,” said Krista Lippert, associate director of the foundation’s data center. “Sometimes that means helping those unable to pay with funds set aside for just this purpose. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of generous donors.”

When she joined the team, Lippert took a critical approach to the foundation’s database and strategies and identified room for improvement. She saw a demonstration of Blackbaud’s flagship fundraising solution at Blackbaud’s annual user conference and knew Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® could transform the foundation’s fundraising. She recognized that its capabilities—including user-friendly dashboards, manager portfolios, and portability—would drive donor relations success to the next level.


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