The State of Church Engagement in 2019

Engagement is one of the most commonly used but loosely defined and easily manipulated words. You know this is an important goal of the church today, but what does it mean exactly?

What will it mean to be an engaging church in the next decade? How will you measure it?

We wanted to know the answers, so we partnered with The Unstuck Group to gather and analyze data from 176 churches in 2018 to define and measure engagement in the church today. The report includes raw data, observations on differences in engagement metrics between growing and declining churches, and practical next steps to apply to your ministry context. We were able to shed light on the health of a church through the Church Engagement Report 2019.

We answered questions like these:

  • Does the average person attend services more frequently in increasing or declining churches?
  • What social media platforms are growing churches more likely to be on?
  • Is volunteer and small group engagement a sign of growth in the church?

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