The Strategy Starting Line: Getting Your Whole Team on Board

Working as a team inspires growth in your organization.

Your organization is made up of many different people, all moving different parts. Sometimes, communication gets lost in the cracks. You are all working for the same mission, so it is important for everyone in your organization to be on the same page, especially when it comes to the critical end-of-year fundraising period.

The key to getting the team to work in harmony is to recognize that each person on the team holds an important position that is necessary to the growth of your organization. So how do you do this?


Communication is key to a strong team. Keep the communication between your team members open, clear, and honest. Allow each member to own their individuality and respect everyone. This will create a transparency between your team that will help eliminate any buildup between the members. A way to help spur on honest communication is to make time to talk about things other than business. Giving team members the opportunity to communicate and develop relationships through team building activities outside of the workplace can make communication in the workplace much smoother and easier.

Another key to a good team dynamic is defining roles. You want the team to work together, but for them to do this well, they need to have a clear picture of what they are responsible for. If you provide them with this, it will create an environment that is free of question between the team members because everyone is clearly educated on what tasks they have at hand. Even if there are two or more people focusing on the same area, they need to know this ahead of time and be okay with working together.

If your team is communicating well and working in each role efficiently, you can implement change in your organization much easier, an important factor in this ever-changing technological world. Your organization will have to make changes in order to keep up with the times if you haven't already, and you want your whole team to be on board before making changes, so everything does not fall apart.

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