Transform Your Social Media Presence

Get ready for your best year on social media yet!

Social media is of the most accessible and easiest ways to engage with people today. As new social platforms and technology develop, social media use continues to rise. In 2017, 81% of U.S. Americans had at least one social media profile, which was a 5% increase from the year before. Your community is right at your fingertips, what are you doing to engage with them? Your organization can share your faith and your mission with current and potential supporters through social media.


The first question you have to ask yourselves as an organization is: Are you using social media?

Just because you are on social media, that does not mean you are actually using it. You have to be active on your social profiles in order to attract a following that will stick with you. The opportunities for growth and connection on social media are endless. If you aren’t active on social media, first look to see if there is a team that is committed to posting and interacting with followers on your social media. Once you have a team in place, ask yourself which platform the majority of your supporters use. Your organization needs to meet your supporters where they’re at, so begin to develop your presence where they already are. This is a key step to establishing a foundation for engagement and growth.

If you are on social media, and actively using it, your organization needs to conduct a social media audit, and determine how you are using your social media pages.

  • Are you posting?
  • How often are you posting?
  • What are you posting?
  • Who are you interacting with?
  • Who are you following?

These are all very necessary questions to be able to answer as an organization. Once you answer these questions, you have to determine if you have the right answers. We put together a 5 step tipsheet that will transform your social media presence in only one month. Your organization can experience growth if you take advantage of this incredible opportunity you have.

You have endless opportunity with social media using our 5 steps, download them now!

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