A Grantmaker’s Guide to Ensuring Compliance in Times of DEI Opposition

5 Actionable Steps to Understanding the Legal Landscape and Leveraging Strategic Approaches

Barriers to equity-driven philanthropy can take many forms, from restrictions on how funds can be allocated to prohibitions on advocacy and lobbying activities. Though this opposition can be daunting, and honestly exhausting at times, it’s important for those doing this work to always anchor back to why you started in the first place. It’s important to remind yourself of what is at risk if you do not continue this work, but most importantly what is possible if you stay the course.

In this guide, consultant Lekisha Middleton of The Good Success Network shares five actionable strategies for navigating and overcoming legal challenges in an ever-changing societal landscape so you can stay focused on meeting the needs of your community, including:

  • Where to go to find legal advice and understand the landscape
  • How strong internal policies can help mitigate risks and ensure compliance
  • How you can remain hopeful in the face of opposition

Download this guide today to help your grantmaking organization adopt strategic approaches and leverage collective resources to navigate legal challenges while still driving meaningful change toward a more just and equitable society.