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Healthcare Super Session Speakers

SUPER SESSION: New Healthcare Trends and Insight Designed to Spark Your Fundraising

Boost your fundraising with brand new Blackbaud data combined with insight from top healthcare philanthropy executives. See how the 2021 data compares with the trends sparked in 2020 and hear how your peers are capitalizing on the opportunities ahead. We’ll look at changes in online fundraising, improving donor retention, and areas to watch in 2022.


Advancing Healthcare Operations Teams

The evolving role of the database administrator presents incredible opportunities for the professional interested in staying on top of their game. This journey is designed for the unique ways in which operations teams work in healthcare organizations.


Boost Your Donor Engagement Using Workflow Designer in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Join Natasha and Alejandro to learn how their hospital foundation uses internal and external datasets, along with Workflow Designer in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT to boost donor engagement with much faster, highly personalized automated emails and auto-populated actions for staff.

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What Is a Database Manager? The SeQueL
Did you think we left something out of last year's jam-packed 25-minute session? We did too. This year, an all-star cast of characters will dive even deeper into what it means to be a database manager in a world guided by data-driven decision making. Then, see how we put these ideas into practice during our next session, Quick Wins: Empowering Database Managers.

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Quick Wins: Empowering Database Managers
This session is packed full of tips and tricks that translate to quick wins for database managers. You’ll have plenty of time to develop new skills when you use our favorite automation hacks to extend your technology capabilities. Leave feeling empowered and ready to tackle the changing role of the database manager.

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Why Database Managers Should Use Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Web View
Too often in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge online communities, we read database managers saying, "The web view is great for fundraisers but I don't use it." That's a mistake! Database managers should be using the Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Web View daily and be intimately familiar with it.

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Blackbaud Raiser's Edge and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Real-Time Database Connectivity for Reporting
SQL Access Reporting Databases greatly expand capabilities for both development and distribution of custom reports and dashboard analytics, delivering “always on” database connectivity and comprehensive data access to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT.

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Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Tips and Tricks: Work from Home Edition
This session will include updated content from previous bbcon presentations where Jarod and Lisa shared useful tips and tricks for working with Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT in unique and creative ways to better handle common scenarios. In this edition, Jarod and Lisa will focus on specific tips that optimize Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT for working from home.

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Customizable Reports in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Cal State LA created its first official advancement reporting system using Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT's Insight Designer. In this session, you will learn what it took to get Cal State LA to take that path and how Insight Designer's customizable reports can help show fundraiser's performance, a pipeline of gifts, and gift commitments and receivables in an attractive and easy-to-digest way.

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Impacting Community Health

Learn strategies for partnering with community organizations to improve health and more effectively invest in your community. See how healthcare organizations are granting to nonprofit organizations to further their community benefit dollars.

Amy Dorrill

Successfully Fundraising for Community Health Projects
Philanthropy focus has been shifting from primarily capital projects to more community initiatives taking place outside the walls of the hospital and involving program and philanthropic partnerships. This session will share the healthcare trends, how to align with organizational priorities, and demonstrate how easy it is to inspire a donor by translating a community impact initiative into a transformative story.

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Creating Meaningful Partnerships bbcon 2021

Creating Meaningful Partnerships: Healthcare Foundations and Blackbaud Grantmaking
In this session, we'll cover the ins and outs of setup for a healthcare foundation. Hear how the Phoebe Foundation has created an outstanding example of an efficient setup that touches capital requests, employee assistance, patient assistance, professional development, and research programs using Blackbaud Grantmaking. Explore how the Denver Health Foundation manages its funding inquiries in a thoughtful, thorough, and impactful way.

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Beyond Grantmaking bbcon 2021

Beyond Grantmaking: Telling Your Impact Story
This session will outline the real challenges foundations are facing in the court of public opinion, offer practical strategies for facing these challenges, and provide real-life examples of how foundations can show their impact and sway opinion.

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Trust-Based Philanthropy bbcon 2021

A Grantmaker's Guide to Trust-Based Philanthropy
Trust-based philanthropy has gained sector-wide attention as a strategy to alleviate power imbalances between funders and grantee partners. In this session, Shaady Saleh of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, along with Blackbaud customers Lauren Scott from the Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund, and Philip Li from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, will discuss the purpose, process, and impacts of embracing trust-based culture and practices at your foundation.

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Eliminating Bias bbcon 2021

Eliminating Bias in Grantmaking
In this session, you'll learn how to advance more equitable, collaborative philanthropy. We'll discuss the use and importance of scoring rubrics and matrices to provide equity and fairness in competitive grantmaking.

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Grantmaking Roundtable: An Evolving Model for Elevating Community Health
As health institutions move into the funder space, what can they learn from the foundations and corporations who have long worked to improve community health? And what can corporations and foundations learn from these newer funders with a unique provider perspective—particularly during and after COVID-19? Come share your experiences and your questions.

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Data-Driven Fundraising

Ready to advance your fundraising strategies using data and analytics? Learn how healthcare organizations are interpreting data and using it for long-term planning as well as day-to-day decisions.

Achieving More of What's Possible bbcon 2021

Achieving More of What’s Possible With Data
Data and analytics are an important part of leading organizations and teams to next-level success. In this session, Julian Heidelberg will share how the team at Atrium Health Foundation uses analytics when planning for growth, discussing outcomes with stakeholders, and making day-to-day decisions. Julian will be joined by Liza Turcotte from Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions to discuss best practice applications of analytics for executives leading forward-thinking fundraising organizations like Atrium Health Foundation.

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Basic to Boss bbcon 2021

What Is Your Data Teaching You? From Basic to Boss
This session will take you from just starting out with your data to becoming an expert on your database. Learn how the philanthropy officer and database manager can work together to interpret the data. Explore Blackbaud’s pre-built reports and the key filters that can help tell the data's story. We’ll show examples of custom reports that you can create now that you know your data and the questions you're trying to answer!

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Embedding Blackbaud Data bbcon 2021

Embedding Blackbaud Data into the Development Culture
The art of fundraising encompasses communication, passion, and information. Knowing what prospects to engage and when combines all of these elements. It can be a challenge for frontline fundraising staff to be open to using a system to inform decision making. Using the accessible elements of Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management helps us to convince fundraisers to incorporate the solution into their routine work. This session will share the tips that have worked using Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management over the last nine years.

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From Data to Influence bbcon 2021

From Data to Influence: How We’ve Used ResearchPoint to Launch Data-Driven Strategies
ResearchPoint provides many opportunities to use data in creative ways beyond wealth and capacity ratings. With the help of a strategic consultant, Texas State University was able to craft unique strategies for identifying niche interest groups, optimize its planned giving efforts, and power Excel and Tableau-based tools using data from ResearchPoint. This session will outline a blueprint for using Blackbaud Target Analytics data to drive more effective communication strategies with your constituents.

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Love and Money bbcon 2021

Love and Money: A Titillating Tale of Analytics and Strategy
Strategy, technology, and execution helped turn a $1M deficit in to a $1M surplus in two years by focusing on our major gift strategies and eliminating the activities that require excessive time with low return on investment. Learn how to get laser focused on making each ask count, cut out the noise, and revolutionize your current fundraising strategies.

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Healthcare Roundtable: Understanding Grateful Patient Best Practices
Great patient fundraising is a series of steps, each with its own best practices. In this networking session, Blackbaud Principal Strategic Consultant Carol Belair will facilitate an open discussion on successful grateful patient programs and the analytics healthcare organizations are using to inform strategies. Don't miss the depth of insight she will bring to the table! Come to this session ready to share your experiences and ask your most burning grateful patient questions.

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Leading Healthcare Philanthropy Teams

Leaders in healthcare philanthropy face unique challenges as they manage everything from patient privacy to team dynamics. Learn strategies other leaders are using to motivate their teams, diversify revenue streams, and reach fundraising goals.

Boosting Gift Officer Performance bbcon 2021

Boosting Gift Officer Performance Through Recognition: Oscar Award Style
“And the award goes to…” Those simple words kept Temple University's frontline fundraisers motivated and on track throughout 2020. The Fabbies, an online awards show in the spirit of the Oscars, recognizes gift officers’ progress toward quarterly goals. It is a motivator and recognition tool that brought teams together amidst remote work. Brian Ruark and Greg Schmidt will explain the metrics and benchmarks their teams use, their goal-setting process, tracking through Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management, and of course, how they pulled off The Fabbies.

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Age in Stage bbcon 2021

Age in Stage: Prospect Management with Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management
Wealth screenings and predictive modeling are fantastic tools to identify the new prospects you need to build a sustainable major donor pipeline. But what do you do next? How do you systematically qualify (and disqualify) a deep identification pool? Who are officers engaging, who just needs a little more time, and who should make way for the next group? In this session, you will learn industry best practices for prospect management, discover Blackbaud tools to streamline your prospect management efforts, and learn how DePauw University grew its major donor pipeline through systematic prospect management.

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Working with Compliance bbcon 2021

Working with Compliance and IT to Get What You Need AND Protect Patient Information
Listen in as HIPAA-compliance expert Marti Arvin leads a conversation with a health system compliance officer, information security officer, and development officer. They’ll offer insight into their decision-making processes for sharing patient information with fundraisers, suggest ways these groups can work best together, and share ideas for reaching a compromise.

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Plan the Work bbcon 2021

Plan the Work, Work the Plan
Fundraising can be a bit of a guessing game. While we can't always predict the donor side of things, gift officers can use proposals as a planning tool to help guide their work. This includes being able to contribute to more predictable and measurable results, while staying on task, demonstrating progress to supervisors, and adjusting the plan as the work evolves.

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Mastering Online Fundraising

There is undeniably momentum in online fundraising and healthcare organizations have an opportunity to grow their success further. From online giving to sustaining donors to email engagement, join industry experts to stay ahead of the trends.

Bring Your Mission to Life bbcon 2021

Bring Your Mission to Life with Your Digital Experience
With the rise in virtual and hybrid events, are you worried that your participants are missing out on experiencing your mission firsthand? As our digital experiences continue to evolve, they also present a new way to educate participants about our missions and inspire them to fundraise. Join Meredith Perkins, senior associate director of development at MD Anderson Cancer Center, to learn how MD Anderson kept its mission front and center for the Boot Walk to End Cancer.

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Cool Tips and Tricks TeamRaiser bbcon 2021

Cool Tips and Tricks with Blackbaud TeamRaiser
Ready to get more out of Blackbaud TeamRaiser for your peer-to-peer fundraising events and campaigns? In this session, you’ll learn simple (and underused) yet impactful tips and tricks that will help you take your Blackbaud TeamRaiser up a notch. Topics include: Improving the participant registration process; Motivating participants to raise more; Saving valuable time; Integrating Blackbaud TeamRaiser with Facebook; and much more!

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Managing Engaged Email List bbcon 2021

Managing an Engaged Email List with Blackbaud Luminate Online
During this session, Will Hull will discuss why engagement is the most important metric for your email marketing program. You'll explore innovative techniques to keep your email list opening, clicking, and engaged. We will cover the technical steps you can take to help improve deliverability and explore the role of email service providers in delivery. You’ll leave the session with new ideas for engagement and segmentation along with the technical knowledge needed to prevent your messages from ending up in the SPAM box/Junk Mail folder.

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New Normal Roadmap bbcon 2021

The "New Normal" Roadmap for Online Fundraising
Digital transformation is accelerating across every aspect of a nonprofit's operations, and no where is this more apparent than in the preferences of constituents and supporters in terms of communications and donations. Thankfully, leading organizations in the sector have provided proven practices and lessons that can be readily adopted by organizations looking to boost their online engagement. But where do you begin? This session focuses on using capability assessment and benchmarking to build a strategic roadmap for nonprofits based on their current state of digital transformation and maturity.

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Digital-First Revolution bbcon 2021

The Digital-First Fundraising Revolution
According to the 2020 Charitable Giving Report from the Blackbaud Institute, digital giving increased by 20.7% and now represents 13% of all giving. While the global pandemic certainly fueled much of this growth, the recent surge in digital has opened the door to a new approach to scaling our organizations. This session will look at industry data and real-world examples that make a powerful case for how you can accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and increase retention and lifetime value through a digital-first fundraising strategy.

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Online Fundraising Roundtable: Dive into Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmarks and Trends
Join the authors of the
Blackbaud Luminate Online® Benchmark Report 2020 for a look beyond the trends into the future of online fundraising. How can you adjust your email strategies around the new privacy policies and technology? As recurring giving continues to grow, how can you evolve your strategies? And what about all those new one-time donors. Come prepared to talk about your online fundraising successes and challenges; we'll have a lively discussion sharing new ideas and proven strategies.

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