Change Your Outlook: A Guide to Reinvigorate Your Fundraising

Checklists, Worksheets, and Ideas


Like so many industries, healthcare organizations are experiencing rapid transformation. What if the changes you made in 2020 are just the start of new fundraising opportunities? What if reevaluating all your strategies could result in more money raised more efficiently? Your potential is endless when you rethink change. Now is the time to innovate and expand your fundraising strategy to stay relevant, productive, and sustainable.

Blackbaud is excited to launch Change Your Outlook: A Guide to Reinvigorate Your Fundraising.

We're here to help you rethink change and the possibilities it can mean for your organization.

Download this free guide to find:

  • Ideas to rediscover the potential in your database
  • Tips to re-energize your gift officers
  • Opportunities to re-evaluate your online fundraising (worksheet included)
  • Suggestions to reinvent your patient fundraising

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