Idea to Feature: Differentiated Assignments

  • 9/15/2021
  • by Ben Leddy

We'd heard from our school communities that the ability to assign an assignment to a select number of students rather than the whole class had a host of benefits, including the ability to tailor instruction to meet different students' particular learning needs. However, with the rise of remote and hybrid learning, the need became even more pronounced as students who are at home might need different instructions or assignments than students in the classroom. Let's take a look at what we built.


Now, when teachers create an assignment, assessment, or discussion, they can choose between assigning to the full section or selected students. For the students who aren't selected, they don't see the assignment and it doesn't impact their grade. After making the assignment, teachers can reference the assigned column in their assignment lists to keep track of which students have which assignments. And when it comes to grading, teachers will only see the assigned students as options on the assignment page and in the grade book.

We're so excited to have released this functionality and we're grateful to our school communities for leading the way. Thanks for watching! 

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