Idea to Feature: Easier Imports

  • 9/1/2021
  • by Ben Leddy

We've made it easier and more accessible than ever to import assignments. Whether you're moving an assignment from a class in the spring to a class in the fall, or duplicating an assignment that your colleague created, you'll want to use Import to save time and effort. But with hundreds of assignments to choose from, it's not always easy to find what you're looking for. That's why we've added two key features to Import.

First, you can now search using keywords to narrow down the assignments. Second, we've added in descriptions to provide more information about assignments. These are also searchable by keyword. Once you have your assignment selected, it's time to select your destination course starting with the school year, school level, and the marking periods. Previously, if your school didn't use marking periods you weren't able to proceed with Import. Now we've the marking period field optional to open up Import to more schools. Just be sure to choose a marking period if you do use marking periods and want the assignments you import to be added to the grade book. So I'll select a destination course. It's time to finish my import. But what if the assignment that I'm bringing over is a mastery-based assignment? And the skills don't match with the destination course? Now we provide a detailed report on missing skills so teachers know which assignments had skills removed or need new skills added. You can also export and save this list as a reference. Happy importing, and thanks for watching! 

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