Idea to Feature: Profile Notices

  • October 2021
  • by Alex Mendiola

We know how important it is to be notified of any significant life events students may go through. To that end, we devised a quick and easy way to let teachers, administrators, and support staff know if a student had a death in the family, a change in custody, or other sensitive situation for which they might need additional support. We call this feature "Profile Notices."

Contact card managers at your school can now add such a notice to the student's profile. To create the notice, open the user profile in Core, and use the option on the contact card. The full message appears on the contact card and an alert appears in the summary heading at the top of the profile.

Additionally, you can create and view notices when you are using a user list. Select a name from the list, and the profile with contact card will appear in the flyout. A notice also appears in the summary tiles on the rosters. To view the full message, select the ellipses, and then profile notices. Admins can view profile notices by default.

For other role combinations, a platform manager determines which profile information is visible when the user's contact card is accessed. To do this, go to Core, and then select Security, Profile access, Profile publish access. Select a role, and then select Edit. Determine how the selected role communicates with another role, including whether to publish profile notices.

We're so excited to present this new way to support your school communities. If you have an idea you'd like to become a feature, let us know in the Blackbaud K–12 Community.