Idea to Feature: Seating Charts

  • November 2021
  • by Jacqueline Koca

Faculty need ways to easily manage and organize their classrooms to quickly perform daily tasks, such as attendance. Having to maintain paper seating charts, or using third-party tools, added time in faculty processes. The new seating charts are available right where faculty are primarily in the app. 


From their class page, a teacher can view or edit their seating chart. When creating the seating chart, teachers can set the number of rows and columns, giving flexibility to craft a visual close to the physical classroom. Students can then be dragged and dropped from the right-hand pop-up into their place on the seating chart. Students can be grouped together to mimic tables or spaced apart to show desks. Once the seating chart is created, faculty can access it from the My Day page, using it to take attendance. Absences and tardies can be reported or all students can be marked present.

We are excited to deliver this feature to faculty and couldn't have done it without your ideas. If you have an idea you'd like to become a feature, let us know in the Blackbaud K–12 Community.