CSR Toolkit: Identifying Key Stakeholder Concerns

Identifying key stakeholders' concerns is essential to starting your CSR program. Don't assume that you know what your stakeholders' concerns are! Even if you've been at the company a long time or you have special insight with one member of the leadership team, it is important to take time to identify key stakeholders and actually ask them about their goal for the company and its CSR program.

Use this worksheet to help you learn who your stakeholders are and what their concerns might be. When thinking through the questions you need to ask, consider:

  • What information do you absolutely need to proceed with to plan your CSR program?
  • What is unique to your company that you must take into account to plan your CSR program?
  • What are your end goals and what information do you need to accomplish them?
  • How can you ensure executive support and buy-in?

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