West Acres Baptist Church


West Acres Baptist Church looks to church management software
to engage members and reach the world.


Member experience determines a church’s future. Leaders at West Acres Baptist Church recognized that, with a church management system, they could communicate and engage most effectively with their existing congregation and cultivate meaningful relationships to turn guests into active members.

West Acres Baptist Church’s humble beginnings took shape 35 years ago with a small group of worshippers who gathered in a local high school. Today its members include 1,300 people from its east Georgia community and a growing focus on outreach ministry locally and around the world.

“We’re a large church, but most say we have a small-church feel,” said Pastor of Administration Josh Heath. “We like that, because it builds community and strong relationships. We have a lot of people who love Jesus, love each other, and want to reach the world with the gospel.”

Reaching the world starts from within—through an engaged church. Heath recognized that, to achieve its larger goal, West Acres needed a church management system that could connect its entire congregation. He knew the church’s technology should protect, not undermine, the fellowship that defines the West Acres community.

When presented with an opportunity to participate in the early adopter program for Blackbaud Church Management, Heath saw the potential benefits for West Acres. “I wanted to be in the first wave of users,” he said. “I just felt like this was going to be a great move for the software, our church, and hopefully other churches as well.”


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