Blackbaud DonorCentral™

Drive deeper relationships with your donors, resulting in larger impact in your local community.

High-impact nonprofit organizations across the world choose Blackbaud to drive success.
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Expand donor relationships.

Donor-advised funds continue to rise in popularity, especially among millennials who desire more involvement with their chosen social investments. Donor Fund Management is mobile, intuitive, and configurable, making the software easy to use for current and future donors. They can see relevant granting opportunities, make grant recommendations to the causes they care about, and access fund information at any time. The result is complete transparency, which is key to any successful relationship.

Strengthen donor engagement.

  • Connect with donors on a more personal level by presenting them with funding opportunities that align with their interests
  • Keep your donors engaged with up-to-date information on your activities, latest funding opportunities, and details about their grant information for reporting and auditing purposes
  • Provide the modern, convenient experience your donors expect with a solution that can be accessed any time, from any device

Drive efficiencies with a flexible, configurable platform.

  • Strengthen donor relationships and increase efficiency by connecting donors directly to your data, eliminating the burden of satisfying frequent donor requests for information
  • Protect your donors’ privacy and asset information with secure technology that seamlessly integrates with other Blackbaud solutions
  • Drive awareness with a solution you can configure to align with your unique brand

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