Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Blackbaud Terms and Conditions. Blackbaud’s standard customer terms and conditions as well as additional customer resources are provided here. This important information can change periodically.

Blackbaud Solutions Agreement

The standard governing terms agreement applicable to all Blackbaud Solutions and Services.

Regional Terms and Conditions

Blackbaud Subscription Descriptions

A description of the service levels and general hosting terms for Blackbaud’s Subscriptions (all Blackbaud Solutions provided in a SaaS Subscription model).

Blackbaud Customer Support

A description of Blackbaud Technical Support for all Blackbaud Solutions.

Data Processing Addendum

Blackbaud’s terms for data processing and our commitments to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws, covering both the GDPR and US laws. Applicable to all Blackbaud Solutions and Services where we process personal data.

Data Security Addendum

A description of Blackbaud’s security program and Blackbaud’s data security terms applicable to all Solutions and Services.

Blackbaud Professional and Consulting Services Terms

Blackbaud Corporate Impact (YourCause) Terms (applicable where the relevant Solutions or Services are purchased)

Blackbaud Payment Services

JustGiving® from Blackbaud® Terms – Charities

Blackbaud Tuition Management

Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management & Blackbaud Guided Fundraising

Blackbaud Website Package (built on WordPress)

Billing Information

Blackbaud University Training Policies

Review our Blackbaud University Policies to ensure you understand our cancellation, travel and other policies. Note: Manage your training registrations directly from your transcript. (View instructions.) Please email traininghelp@blackbaud.com or chat with us with questions.

For Blackbaud Pacific Pty Ltd, please review our local Training Policies to ensure you understand our scheduling, cancellation, and other policies.

Additional Resources

Archived Agreements

Blackbaud’s archived agreements are available here.