Blackbaud Certification FAQs

Getting Certified

Blackbaud University General FAQ Getting Certified

  • How do I get Blackbaud Certified®?
    1. Go to 

    1. Select Training and Support > Training> BlackbaudU Campus 

    1. Select Product Catalogs from the home page 

    1. Select your Product and click View Courses 

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the course catalog page and choose the option to Get Certified 


    • If you have already enrolled in the Certification Exam, you can launch it from your transcript at any time: 

    1. Go to 

    1. Select Training and Support > Training > BlackbaudU Campus 

    1. Select My Activities

    1. Select the Exam Title 

    1. Select Begin 



  • What do the certification exams consist of?
    • Exams consist of 20-25 questions which you have 90 minutes to complete once started. The exam can be taken an unlimited number of times until passed.  

    • Exams are standardized tests, and as such you cannot see which questions you get wrong. A score of 80% or higher is necessary to pass.  

    • Exams are “open book.Feel free to use any resources at your disposal, including your database help menu and the Blackbaud Knowledgebase. 

    • Certifications last two calendar years for course prerequisite purposes, though we do suggest users update their certification annually to stay current.  


  • How can I share that I am now Blackbaud Certified®?
    • Once you pass, you can access a certificate to download and print as you’d like:  
    1. Go to 

    1. Select Training and Support > Training > BlackbaudU Campus   

    1. Select My Activities

    1. Select the Award Ribbon icon to the right of the exam/course name  

    • You will receive a completion email that includes a certification badge icon to include in your email and signature profiles 


    • If you are seeking a new employment opportunity, hiring managers can verify your certification by contacting Blackbaud University  

  • What products currently offer certification exams?
    Many of our products have Certifications available, you can see the full list at 


  • Do any courses offer continuing education credits?

    Many of our courses offer either CFRE or CPE credits for continuing education.  
    More information is available at: 


  • Who can I contact if I have any questions?


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